DASH Clothing

A Friendly Editorial Reminder & Disclaimer

DASH clothing from the Kardashian’s DASH store can be found here on this website in the form of pictures and reviews. The DASH clothing store is a clothes and apparel boutique that’s both owned and operated by all three Kardashian sisters – Kim,¬†Kourtney, and Khloe. ¬†It’s possible to shop DASH clothing at three different locations in the United States and, as of yet, no international hubs. The Kardashians opened the doors to their first store in the city of Calabasas, Calabasas in 2006, just outside the metropolitan Los Angeles, although that location was later moved to West Hollywood in the summer of 2012.

DASH Clothing Store WebsiteWhile prices were high and selection was limited, the sisters continued to open locations in both DASH Clothing Miami (in 2009) and DASH New York one year later (2010). D-A-S-H boutiques offer apparel and accessories across the board, from shorts, shirts and dresses, to jewelry, hats and a variety of bags and purses. Believe it or not, this website here is actually way better than the official online DASH clothing website, which is nearly always down.

New Store Locations

Kardashian DASH Stores OnlineAn update on the West Hollywood location: The sisters have relocated their California location to one of the hippest shopping streets on the planet, famous Melrose Ave! The grand opening was Friday, July 13th (bold move!). Several Kardashians were on site for the  unveiling of the new, grander, and bigger store. It is in a prime neighborhood, rubbing elbows with  upscale boutiques such as Marc Jacobs and Diane Von Furstenberg.

Some of our favorite “it” family members were on hand to launch the new¬†boutique. Kris Jenner, Kim, and Khloe all made big crowd pleasing appearances, stopping to pose for pics with their adorers. Kim brought Kanye West along, casting aside any lingering doubts about their romantic¬†entanglement¬†by holding hands and hugging frequently. Where was Kourtney? She just gave birth to her second child with Scott Disick, Penelope, on July 8th. Now Mason has a friend! The famous clan adds a member and another outlet for their¬†fashion¬†empire. It’s a great time to be a Kardashian Diva.

In her blog, Kourtney calls it bittersweet since they had to leave behind their first location. In the photo to the left, the three sisters are visiting the new L.A. location and speaking with builders and designers to make sure it lives up to the brand’s image. The flagship¬†Manhattan¬†D-A-S-H location has set the bar 5-inch-stilettos-high with its sheen of ritzy glamour.

Dash Calabasas was open for its last Saturday on June 23rd. The move offered a rare chance for fans of the boutique to snag¬†merchandise¬†on sale. Even if you missed the sales, you will have a better “shopportunity” with the West Hollywood location because it is centrally located and more convenient to visit. If you are an L.A. tourist, buy a tour on the double-decker red buses. This hop-on-hop-off sightseeing company stops on Melrose Ave. along with a dozen other L.A. must see hot spots.

DASH Store West Hollywood LocationWant a sneak peek at what you can find in the brand new LA location? These photos are from the official DASH store page on Facebook. You can see that the store’s designer, Jeff Andrews, kept with the boutiques’ signature look of sleek black and white, but with it being summer time the clothes for sale are adding pops of color throughout the space. Small accessories and items such as books and candles have a home on the built in shelves at the rear of the store.

West Hollywood DASH Clothes & StoreHanging racks line the perimeter of the store. As you can see, in typical boutique style only two or three sizes of a given item are offered. This gives buyers a sense of exclusivity, but it can also really make shopping a frustrating experience if your size is already gone. Tables in the center offer an accessible space for viewing merchandise that is typically folded like tees and tanks. The Kardashians have even graciously included a husband/boyfriend chair set for the “fans” that were dragged into the store!

Miami Gets a Move
The Kardashian sisters have recently announced that they will also be moving their Miami boutique from its current location to a new spot. While the store was once vandalized with gang related graffiti in 2009, nothing untoward has happened in years. Speculation about the reason for the move primarily revolves around the likelihood of the retail lease being up. Kim journeyed to Florida with her pals in February to scout out a new addy. No announcements yet! That news will be posted the second it becomes available! The current location is a few blocks away from the main tourist path of restaurants and shopping. If they could get a retail space on Lincoln, they would be minting money. The DASH boutique style already fits in nicely with the very vibrant personality of South Beach. Whether its flowing maxi dresses or the teeniest of string bikinis, items endorsed by the fabulous Kardashian sisters are sure to fly off the racks.

Video & Inside Look at the Boutique

Sadly most people that love this store the most will never have a change to visit a physical storefront – thanks to the fact that there are only a handful located across the US. Thankfully, this video provides an exclusive sneak peek at what the building stocks, sells & offers to customers.

Season of KUWTK Brings New Fashion

kardashian dash boutique store interiorAnother season of the family’s reality TV show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, premiered May 20th. The ladies always find ways to promote their stores, so watch closely if you want glimpses of what’s on sale this summer in the boutiques. While there’s no guarantee if and when one of their storefronts will be featured on the program, it’s one of the few times when shoppers get the experience to see inside the fashion hotspots for themselves, as most fans often find themselves unable to afford a plane ticket to go shop-crazy themselves.

DASH Clothing Brands & Designers (current and past)

It’s not possible to shop DASH stores or buy their clothing without being proud of the names sewn across the labels. The Kardashians like to showcase design stars in the world of not only clothing and apparel, but also in the lines of jewelry, bags, accessories and more. Different stores feature a different lineup of star names on the racks, as different boutiques have relationships with different vendors in their area. Clothiers from Manhattan are shown off when you shop DASH NYC, while San Diego merchants get their time to shine when customers go to shop DASH West Hollywood. Regardless of the location, here’s a nice sampling of names that have come across D-A-S-H.

Boys and Arrows Fringe Bikini

Dash is now carrying the Boys and Arrows line of swimwear. Check out this picture from the Boys and Arrows website. This lime green fringe bikini makes a fun statement. The fringe will offer a flirty sway with every move you make. This top will flatter small busts by adding volume. Be careful wearing it while tanning, however. You may come home from the beach looking like a striped tiger!

Metallic Evening Dress by Alice + OliviaAlice + Olivia,¬†Alvin Valley,¬†BluGirl,¬†Catherine Malendrino,¬†D.L. Company,¬†Delia,¬†Development,¬†Ella Moss,¬†Black Label,¬†Erica Davies,¬†Foley & Corinna,¬†Fresh Karat,¬†Gryphon,¬†Hanky Panky,¬†Jenny Kane,¬†Junk Food,¬†Knitwit,¬†La Rok,¬†Linea Pelle,¬†Life With Bird,¬†LnA,¬†Mara Hoffman,¬†D’Amore,¬†Mark Wong Nark,¬†McQ,¬†Milly,¬†Mason,¬†Moschino,¬†Pencey,¬†Primp,¬†Public Library,¬†Ryan Ryan Jewelry,¬†Sass & Bide,¬†See By Chloe,¬†Soni and Cindy,¬†Stacia,¬†Streets Ahead,¬†Union,¬†Wildfox,¬†Naven,¬†Beach Bunny,¬†Vix,¬†ALC,¬†Myne,¬†Dola Designs,¬†Lauren Moshi,¬†Eugenia Kim,¬†Whitney Eve,¬†Michelle Mason,¬†Torn by Ronny Kobo,¬†Sauce,¬†Siwy Denim,¬†Kova & T,¬†PJK,¬†Blue Life,¬†Chaser,¬†Tavik

One of the great aspects of the Dash boutique is the ever changing line-up of designers. By visiting the store in person, you may be exposed to a new favorite. The downside of this¬†turnstile approach, however, is that you will not always be able to find these names and other top picks in the K Sisters’ stores.

Fashionable New Add-Ons

Joolz bracelets

If there is one thing DASH does well, it’s arm candy. Few bracelets can compete with those sold in stores from¬†the Joolz by Martha Calvo line. Not only do these beaded bracelets offer a bright splash of color, but this designer doesn’t shy away from sparkle either. By purchasing many of the different designs, you can make your jewelry wardrobe appear endless through creative combinations.

Rad Ringz by the Kardashians

Exclusive Rad Rings

In the past DASH clothing introduced their new “Rad Ringz,” which feature huge, bright rubber letters and designs attached to rings that go over your fingers. There are currently three designs that are pictured, although there are likely more models from which to choose. The first one, and the most prominent to be seen in this photo, is a simple albeit large letter “K” – which of course stands for the Kardashians and their resulting empire. These are a huge sales hit among tourists that come into the store, so they are sadly often sold out.

The ring that says “Doll” makes sense in that the girls that work customer service behind the counter at the clothing boutique are called “D-A-S-H Dolls.” As such, it’s only sensible that people that actually work at the stores themselves should be able to market themselves clearly. The only one here that I don’t really understand is the one that says “B*ible,” which is a very odd design decision considering how controversial the sisters and their lives have become.

A lot of people have been asking why one of these items contains a religious reference. Fans claim that it’s because the girls say that word often in their shows and in public, but if that were the case then there should be a lot of different varieties of rings out there.

DASH Clothing from Past and for 2012

Leaving behind the knit sweaters, knee high socks, and puffy vests of winter, Dash may be stocking swims similar to the Mikoh swimsuits, as pictured right, that were the hot item during the summer last year. Few would disagree that a no one can sell a stellar bikini like Kim. ¬†The Kardashian’s house of fashion presents a cornucopia of options when it comes to preparing for any season.

Summer Blue Swimsuit from MikohAfter the many discounts and deals the stores promoted throughout the beginning of fall, it will be hard to match the same monetary savings as the post-Turkey Day 20% off sale. DASH clothing is not known for being¬†economical¬†in the first place and your wallet is unlikely to catch a break with sales. The retail chain is not known for its red tags. After all, clearance doesn’t start with a ‘K.’ ¬†What the boutiques lack in monetary incentives to drive traffic, they make up for with ever changing designers and¬†apparel. The girls are constantly¬†announcing¬†new lines that can be found in their stores.

As mentioned, DASH clothes are known to be pricey for any shopper, but especially their fan base. Often times dedicated fans go to the store with the hope of buying a nice shirt, dress, or pair or shorts to remind them of their trip to these ultra-famous boutiques, only to be disappointed by the price tags on these souvenirs. ¬†DASH seems to be making some inroads on offering pleasing fan souvenirs. DASH LA is ready to go with the DASH pencils and candles, and DASH NYC recently restocked extremely popular DASH cosmetic bags. Regular boutique shoppers might not suffer the same sticker shock as tourists, but anyone more¬†accustomed¬†to buying off the rack from mega chains may be a little more¬†queasy. ¬†While it’s not on par with ultra-high class fashion names like Prada or Armani, you can expect to spend anywhere from $65 to $400 on a single item of clothing.

Obviously, a less embellished shirt will be at the low end, while a cocktail dress will push 400 or 500. ¬†If you have summer on the brain, allow us to fill you in on typical prices of the¬†Mikoh line. ¬†Single-piece swimsuits can cost upwards of $130, as well. There are a few styles that you can get for just shy of $50 (again, per piece, not for the entire thing). But Ladies, let’s face it- almost all swimsuits are a ripoff, so if you consider that a Kardashian-approved swimsuit will run you just shy of a hundred bucks, well that doesn’t sound so bad anymore!

Is DASH Bringing a Storefront to Dallas?

Lots of buzz surrounded Lamar Odom’s (husband of Khloe Kardashian) trade from the L.A. Lakers to the Dallas Mavericks. Everyone just knew the Kardashian power family would be opening doors to a new store in Dallas. It seemed a match made in heaven. Few cities are more focused on shopping and high fashion than the Big D. Adding a location in the Lone Star State would have also have been geographically strategic, finally reaching Americans in the middle of the country.

Everything has changed now, of course, with Odom’s terrible season and demotion to the “inactive list.” This means he can be traded at anytime. It is unlikely that Khloe would continue plans to launch a new store when she won’t be around to watch it flourish. Added to that, the family has been the center of unflattering media attention, and they are moving their locations in Miami and Los Angeles.

Each of these fashion queens has enough on her plate. On an Ellen DeGeneres interview, Khloe shared that she would be sad to leave Dallas, but that she wouldn’t be missing the Texas tornadoes. Fans are confident that the sweetest sister will find a great new home.

K-DASH Clothing: Month-by-Month Update

The Kardashian sisters also launched a line of clothing called K-DASH, which is sold exclusively by QVC. Visit our K-DASH clothing page to browse and buy K-DASH online! Whether you’re looking for shirts, pants or anything in between, this is the fastest and easiest way to buy DASH clothing online, or at least something similar to what you might buy in a store. The two places don’t share catalog items and don’t stock the same kinds of things, so don’t expect to see the QVC line in a store, as well as no in-store clothing can be bought online or through the television.

Spring Clothing Featured Designers

Camilla and Marc, Backstage, Ella Moss

March: Early
one sleeve shirts from PenceyPencey Standard, Kain Label, Wildfox, Passing Fancy, Siwy Denim, Mara Hoffman, Sass & Bide, Leyendecker, ALC, Nightcap Clothing

March: Mid
–Brands like Ronny Kobo’s Torn, Hip threads from Blu Moon, trendy additions from Nation, and increased offerings from Mighty Fine
–The best dresses for the coming spring season are offered by names like Backstage, Myne, and more.

March: Late

Lauren Moshi Skull Clothes & D-A-S-HAlice+Olivia, Nuj Novakhett, Lauren Moshi
–Mara Hoffman, Sass & Bide, Ella Moss, Michelle Mason
–Kim Kardashian’s line of Beach Bunny Swimwear

–Son of John, Night Cap, Kain
–Jewelry by Veronique
–Rory Beca, TT Collection, Plastic Island, PJK, Wildfox
–Blu Moon, Mink Pink, Chaser
–Mikoh & D’Amore beachwear and bikinis
–Siwy cutoff and skinny jeans, tops from Backstage
–BleuLabs denim and Nation T-Shirts

Lamar Khloe Kardashian Unbreakable fragranceLast April also saw the introduction of UNBREAKABLE, the fragrance created by Khloe Kardashian and her husband, Lamar Odom, former basketball forward for the Los Angeles Lakers and the Dallas Mavericks. The fragrance’s popularity was fueled by the concurrent launch of the couple’s reality TV show, appropriately titled Khloe and Lamar, on E!. The couple promoted the new Unbreakable fragrance through their twitter and television outlets. You can also see DASH clothing and DASH Stores on the cable reality shows Keeping up with the Kardashians, Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami, and Kourtney and Kim Take New York.

There hasn’t been too much activity on the DASH clothing twitter feed lately. However there was news of new “ponchos” from C.Z. Falconer, as well as new beaded and cross jewelry from designer Martha Calvo. Martha’s new designs and bracelets came just at the end of May, ready for the beginning of summer fashion.

June Clothing

Myne: a designer name we haven’t seen before on the site. The clothier provides dresses, shorts, tops, and summer beach sweaters.

Cool Joolz bracelets at DASH locations

Cool Joolz for Sale

Siwy & Joolz, by Martha Calvo: Martha Calvo prides themselves in offering high-class jewelry at anyone-can-have it prices. The bracelets featured in the picture on the right are selling for $65 each on their website. They feature a symetrical cross with matte black onyx beads and CZ inlays across the cross. It’s available in both silver and gold for the crosses.

PJK: specializes in knit outer and nightware. While the company does churn out desirable items such as kimonos, skirts and saris, and online listing says they also sell adult diapers. We can’t guarantee what PJK items are featured at DASH, but being labeled as “folkloric clothing,” I’d be interested to find out.

Gypsy 05: A designer from Hollywood, California, Gypsy 05 brings what I call a very “elegant granola” feel. Womens’ shirts do make use of tie-dye here and there, but the designer also features plenty of other cute, accessible tops, hoodies, jumpers, scarves and footwear. There’s no telling what the DASH store is featuring from this LA trendsetter – the last location to have this name in stock was DASH NYC/Manhattan.

After and during the season premier of season six for Keeping up with, all three DASH locations were pushing new names and styles on their racks. We got a heads up that Vix Swimwear will be available for the ladies, as well as summer-themed prints from Wildfox and also ALC.

The unfortunate part about DASH is they assume you know every brand they feature, which is definitely not the case. However, just because you don’t know the designers doesn’t mean they aren’t super-cute or trendy, and a quick search online will lead you to their websites where you can often see and purchase their clothes.

Late June

Kim wearing Dita sunglasses

Kim Sports DITA

The NYC Dash store started carrying DITA eyewear. Co-founded by John Juniper and Jeff Solorio, these two lifelong friends bring a natural, but still high-style feel to the world of optics and eyewear. The studio where they sketch and brainstorm their ideas is located in sunny Los Angeles, the major metropolitan area located about a half hour from DASH clothing LA, the origin to where everything started.

Following the creation of their LA headquarters, DITA recruited Japanese design experts to further their distribution into Asian regions. People that don’t like huge logos will love these frames, as while the company is proud of their name and product, they don’t feel like they have to brand the entire side of your face with their image. This is a far cry from many of the designer names we see, where half the product is a logo of some sort.

belle noel handmade jewelry

Belle Noel Products

During the warmer season of summer, the boutiques like to offer their clothing selection with a new batch of names, materials, and item variety. While this offers a great deal of selection to a potential customer, some people might be confused or frustrated by the inconsistency between the stores’ inventories. Also, fans and shoppers recommend snagging items you love because they won’t stay in stock. Often you fall in love first, only to realize all the most popular sizes are gone.

This issue of not having adequate stock is a common problem for all three stores, as they often source their catalog from local artists and design labels. As such, it is not as possible for the Calabasas store to carry the same brands of clothing as the Florida or New York boutiques, and many find themselves leaving frustrated and empty handed.

Finally, Belle Noel, a fashion line by Kim Kardashian (specializing in jewelry), has released new summer pieces, which you can see and buy at all three DASH stores,¬†selection¬†and sizing may be limited. KK’s line of jewelry keeps expanding with new rings, bracelets and necklaces. Kim’s heavy influence on style across a national level may help spark the popularity and sales of Belle Noel jewelry.

More cute and current DASH clothes and trends

Kim wears Parker from D-A-S-H

Kim wearing Parker

The girls are featuring tons of cute clothing right now. They’re putting a ¬†big focus on “flowy” scarves and dresses, many of them coming from designers listed above, including Gypsy. Flowing dresses can be flattering on all figures, so long as they are cinched at the smallest part of the woman’s body. Often this is right below the breasts on a fuller figured female. If there is one thing Kim knows how to do, it is flaunt her figure. We’ll see if the KK sisters can start a clothing revolution with their modeling.

Kim has an unusually canny ability to steer fashion trends like no other; making her name a top-bill for product endorsements. Kim knows no shortage of¬†endorsements¬†– in fact, I doubt she could tell you all the companies and products she’s tried and recommended over the years – the number is impressive. Her image even makes her a valuable asset in the fragrance industry, putting her name across two different perfume bottles.

Kim Kardashian Perfume

Kim Kardashian's official perfume

Kim’s Perfume

Kim’s first exclusive fragrance was simply named, “Kim Kardashian Perfume for Women, by Kim Kardashian.” What the name lacks in originality, it makes up for by leaving little doubt of about the identity of its celebrity parent. Few items are considered more glamorous to endorse then scents, so its no wonder that Kim has her name on a bottle.

The fragrance sells for anywhere between $25 and $40, depending on where you purchase the spray. Keep in mind that there are a lot of people that make a lot of money selling fragrances that aren’t authentic, so always make sure you purchase your product from a reputable source. Amazon is always a good bet, as they back every purchase with their personal satisfaction guarantee, regardless of if the shipment came from them or another retailer.

This next fragrance, Kim Kardashian Gold for Women is a summer scent that leaves a golden shimmer on the skin. It has been described as “woodsy.” This one runs about $65. Surprisingly, one of the more affordable places to obtain any of these fragrances is at discount clothing outlets such as Burlington or Ross, as they feature discount perfumes endorsed by just about any famous figure.

The prices at places like these are usually 25%-50% cheaper than most retail stores, so it is best to take advantage of any and all great deals you find. In fact, some people have been known to make a little money themselves just by purchasing the scents at a good deal, wearing a bit themselves, and then selling it to their friends or family for just a little more.

New DASH Clothing Store Products

Recently the DASH store announced new additions to their DASH clothing lineup, including fedora hats, headbands, and what they referenced as “spring turbans”. The new headwear comes courtesy of designer Eugenia Kim. The same month also saw announcements of new “FAB faux fur accessories” (SpiritHoods) and “GORGEOUS dresses from Kova & T”.

DASH Store Prices

Online sources say that prices at the DASH store can range from about $25-60 for a basic T-Shirt, to $400+ for a designer dress. Bottled water is also a notoriously high $6-$10 per bottle, depending on the store, and DASH-signature scented candles run $42 at some locations. Customer reviews from online websites such as Yelp do suggest that pickings tend to be slim at DASH stores. The boutiques are not enormous in either size or offerings, but the constant cycling of product lines does keep selection fresh.

DASH Store Website and Online Ordering

The Kardashian sisters claim there is an official DASH Store website, however it is often broken and leads to nothing but an error page. However, if you would like to bookmark it in case it becomes available again, the URL for the official DASH clothing website is: shopdashonline.com.

DASH Storefront Display

Miami DASH store window displayThanks to flickr user southbeachcars we have some great DASH clothing pictures. Thanks for taking this CC snapshot of the Miami DASH store. We can see in the window several highlights from the DASH apparel collection. On the left, a golden yellow maxi dress is accented with a chunky turquoise necklace. Next to that, a shorter, more fun and flirty black and white print skirt paired with a hot pink¬†spaghetti¬†strap tank. Finally, the right hand of the storefront highlights some of the DASH store’s swim wear collection (likely from the Kardashian’s signature “Beach Bunny” swim wear line). These three items together make up a good snapshot of the kind of clothing, fit and lines that the DASH store is going for. Whether it’s long and elegant, cute and sassy, or barely there, the boutique is ready to show off the best parts of your body in a way that fits your mood and style.

Boho Woven Bracelets at the DASH Store

Dola Bracelets

A small sample from the DASH store’s jewelry and accessory department. These are called Boho Woven bracelets, and they were introduced to the DASH boutique by Dola Designs.

These Boho bracelets do a good job of showing that while the Kardashian sisters do have and favor an elegant side- their DASH store features styles and designs from across the world, as well as across the spectrum of styles and tastes.

Silly Bandz Kardashian “Glam Pack”

Silly Bandz for the KardashianSilly Bandz + the Kardashian sisters … need I say more? Featuring bling jewlery, iconic fashion accessories and three sexy sillouettes, these Kardashian-signature Silly Bandz are sure to be a conversation starter.

You can find them at all three DASH locations, although I’d call before hand to make sure they’re in stock, as this trend was a flash in the pan. Obviously DASH was right there when Silly Bandz were hot, but now that the fad has petered out, it is less likely that they are still carried.

DASH Store Valentines Day Bracelets

Love Bracelets sold in storesJust before Valentines Day, the DASH boutique tweeted out a picture of some special “Love” bracelets they had in stock. The picture included three bracelets – all the same in construction – but differing in colors. The colors are: Silver Band + White Jeweled Text / Gold Band + White Jeweled text / Gold Band + Gold Jeweled text. DASH offers many holidays specials and sales like these Valentines Day bracelets, and we’ll make sure to keep you updated on all the latest products, specials and offerings.

Dash Store Clothing Display

DASH NYC apparel on displayLast May the Kardashians and the DASH boutique tweeted a picture of the latest DASH clothes in stock at their NYC location. The picture shows various t-shirts and shorts arrayed upon a table display. While it’s pretty hard to make out exactly what is printed on the shirts, the words “beach” and “hampton” are visible on two of the items in view, which tells us the clothing has a summer/vacation vibe. The shorts are also incredibly tiny and short, so short that it’s impossible to think your bum won’t be showing when you bend over, or stick out even when you’re standing up! The Kardashians do, of course, embrace their curvy and well-filled figures, and it’s no surprise that they would market and sell such short shorts, as it fits their style and approach to showing off their bodies.

More D-A-S-H Boutique Products

Calabasas DASH shirtsNothing stops Kim Kardashian from adding more awesome clothes to her DASH boutiques, not even US Holidays that happen in the beginning of July ūüėČ Yes, roman candles and city parades aside, if there’s one thing the Fourth meant other than a love of country, it’s a love of fashion at DASH. As you can see on this store table display here, the colors are pretty much the same, but there are a lot of different items actually out on view. The overall attitude of the line is sassy with a healthy bit of flair to it, with phrases tattooed across the chest that are bold but not too bold, confident but not too cocky.

What’s your favorite item on the table here? Which shirt would you take home, and what shirt/bottom combo do you feel might look best when paired together? I’m always trying to pick out my favorite selections and combinations of clothing at Kim’s boutiques in Florida, Los Angeles, and New York.

DASH Clothing in New York

If you want to read more about the New York DASH location, you can visit the DASH Clothing website at http://www.DashStoreNewYork.com. DashStoreNewYork is a DASH website centered entirely around the NYC D-A-S-H boutique in Manhattan. This site has exclusive pictures and deals from the SoHo store.

You can also visit the DASH Clothing Los Angeles website at http://www.DashStoreLosAngeles.com if you want to know more about the DASH store and clothing in Calabasas and Los Angeles California. Not only was this the very first store to open up under the Kardashian eye, it’s also one of the cutest, tucked inside a little mall and shopping strip and a city not too far from where the stars play in Los Angeles.

Fall 2011 Clothing Additions

Myline Shirts & Fabrics by MyLine

MyLine Shirts

Fall saw the introduction of new designer labels at the DASH stores! It’s always so exciting when time passes throughout the year, as the Kardashians are always busy scouting new hot, local, or upcoming brands from all around the country (even the world sometimes!) The Fall 2011 add-ons to the DASH stores were¬†71 Stanton and the baggy-shirt-loving company known as My Line. While the DASH Dolls spelled that certain brand as MyLine in various spots throughout the boutiques, keep in mind that there is actually a space in between the two words, in case you are looking to buy these DASH clothes online – you can do so directly from the designer’s personal website. Check out a few pictures featuring some good overall samples of what these brands bring to the table at D-A-S-H.

Okay, so there’s nothing complicated going on here. Simple and oversized-cut fabric for tops, usually made out of comfortable or flowing fabric of some kind. I’m both assuming and hoping that an absurd amount of quality comes “built-in” with these particular shirts, as they run just shy of $90 a piece. Mind you, that’s when you buy it directly through the ML site, so there’s no guarantee that Kim’s DASH will sell them for the same exact price. These shirts are great additions to any wardrobe because they’re big enough to fit over any existing outfit you might have, and the oversized cut will also make your legs look much slimmer by comparison. Couple this with some leggings and an over-the-shirt belt and you’ll be able to pull off a “looks ten pounds slimmer” look in no time.

Shop DASH Purses, bags and clutches; oh my!

AC snakeskin clutch

Castro Printed Bags

A lot of time is spent on this site highlighting DASH jewelry and clothes on this page, but so far its lacked focus on their handbag selection. While there’s no guarantee as to what D-A-S-H will have in stock, one of the latest designers they’ve been featuring is Adriana Castro. Castro, who currently resides in Miami according to her website, displays most products in her New York showroom, which is located at 12 West 57th Street. Let’s take a minute to look at some DASH accessories and carry-alls by this hot new designer.

designer adriana castro picture

Adriana Castro

Adriana uses an extensive amount of animal prints in her designs, as apparent by the screenshot above from her own website. What a perfect match for our animal print loving K family! The designer says she was first inspired to use such patterns after spending many hours and years growing up around “zoocriaderos”, or alligator farms. Animal print has been going strong for well over ten years now, so you needn’t be shy about investing in a nice handbag that carries this motif. You will likely get years of use from any handbag in the wide array of available prints including crocodile, ostrich, python, watersnake, traditional leather, and even stingray.

Bags and clutches like these can be seen on red carpets and in the hands of celebrities everywhere. From Audrina Partridge to Eva Longoria, even Jennifer Lopez and Sarah Jessica Parker; strapless handbags like the one to the left make a dynamite addition to any wardrobe that is stream-lined and classic.

A peek inside the glass case
Accessories on Sale at the BoutiquesHere’s a rare glimpse into a display case that puts some brand new jewelry pieces into the spotlight. It’s easy to see why people go into the boutiques to shop DASH whenever they have sales on gorgeous pieces like this.

Considering how bold and over-the-top many of the girls’ own fashion choices are, it’s refreshing to see some more genuine, lightweight and understated items for sale in the stores. This picture comes straight out of the DASH NYC August 2011 collection, and isn’t necessarily representative of what they currently have on hand.

Leggings are so hot at the DASH Stores

black zipper leggingsThere’s something about leggings that just “work” for a girl. They accentuate the right curves, they “tuck away” and hide some of the less flattering parts, and they’re usually not too expensive on top of all that. Add that to the fact that they go with just about any outfit, and you have a versatile, flexible piece of clothing that won’t weigh you down or cramp your style.

In honor of these leg-covering wonders, all three shop DASH stores have recently stocked leggings by the stylish David Lerner. Although quickly becoming a household name in those that admire fashion, Lerner didn’t really pop onto the clothes scene until Fall of 2008. There’s nothing mind-blowing about the designs – instead he tends to focus on the basics of your wardrobe. As with many of the brands of clothing featured at DASH stores, celebrities have taken a liking to this moniker. With names like Megan Fox and Miley Cyrus under your “seen with it” roster, you know you’re on the fast track to fashion fame.

The overall goal of this line is to make women feel “sexy and confident,” says the designer. Using simple cuts, fabrics and patterns, these pieces do evoke a sleek confidence within the wearer. Some of the products are plain, but there are also leggings with zippers, stripes, and even capri-style, denim leggings. For a sexier look, sheer lacy leggings will offer a teasing peek-a-book from under a hot dress.

September D-A-S-H Features & Items

TORN brand apparelOne of the newest designers being focused upon at DASH is Torn by Ronny Kobo. Even though the brand isn’t old, being founded in 2008, it’s already caught on and their t-shirts have become a hot commodity around everywhere from LA to NY. Kobo prides herself on her eye for trends and applying them to timely prints and shirts. The brand has even gone so far as to bling their shirts out with jewels and glitter. Add that to their collections of cashmere tops and leather selections and you can understand why this label is making its way across DASH stores and other boutique shops.

The shirts, dresses and pants above are a sample of clothing from this label name.

More cute finds from shop DASH online!

The boutiques aren’t any strangers to keeping your bottom half warm and toasty. David Lerner leggings were recently stacked on the racks, and the girls have always been known to feature other sets of adorable leggings, both fabric and mesh, as well the occasional pair of jeggings. Unfortunately, for most people these thin albeit versitile garments will be out of their reach, as even a basic pair of Lerners can easily go for $100 and up. While there are many fashionable pairs available from the brand, you should expect those to cost you even more in terms of price.

When Fall 2011 brought the cape craze to the forefront, the DASH boutiques refused to be left out in the cold. They brought in this high fashion outerwear style by Mike Gonzalez for people to shop and buy at her DASH stores. This particular fabric artist is based in the fabulous city of Los Angeles, which leads one to believe that if you can find these garments anywhere, it would be in the LA boutique in Calabasas, California. A cape is a statement piece that serves double-duty by keeping the wearer warm. A cape can jazz up any bland outfit, protect you from rain and other harsh elements, and also extend the life of your wardrobe by having the ability to modify your outfits further with this trendy addition. It also looks less bulky than coats because slender arms in tight fitting long sleeves peek out through the slits of the cape. We’re hoping this refreshing fall trend is back in even bigger force in Fall 2012.

October DASH Additions

October was a great month for new arrivals at all three D-A-S-H clothiers. Not only did they bring in new pieces to augment previous collections, but they have also introduced entirely new brands and pieces for the Fall season. Check out a few of the highlights below:

Books and Designers
kardashian sisters biography dollhouseDASH Clothing recently picked up yet another book to mix among their other regular clothes. This one is titled Dollhouse, written by all three Kardashian sisters as a novel, more than a biography. However “ficticious” it may be, the plotline follows a large celebrity family through their daily turmoils with famous friends, paparazzi, and all the other triumphs and tribulations that come from being the focus of celebrity buzz. Role models for some, despised by others, the Kardashians and their DASH stores are selling the idea of a lifestyle.

Although the publisher claims the story is not about the sisters, all three of the primary character names start with the letter “K,” Kassidy, Kyle and Kamille. It doesn’t take a genius to realize the girls are using the pages as yet another advertisment for their names, brands, image and DASH stores. The main characters squabble over relationships, public image, who gets what, and more tiny details that go into making their lives as exciting and colorful as the fabrics in their boutiques.

Karina Grimaldi’s name is now on the racks at DASH clothing. Taking cues from the warm, arid surroundings of Miami, Floria, the clothier brings an almost bohemian vibe and combines it with smooth lines and quality fabrics. The pieces aren’t meant to necessarily make an entire outfit; instead many of the tops and bottoms are just that – complimentary pieces to otherwise bland or underutilized outfits.

Criss-cross patterns, bold pinks and blues, woven bikinis and oversized bracelets make up just a small part of the KG collection. Bangles abound on their website, along with pictures of models sporting some of their latest creations. Stop by one of the three DASH stores to see the clothes they have in stock from this creator.

DASH Store Pencils

DASH store's signature pencilOkay now these pencils are a huge deal, and for several reasons. First and foremost, and I mean this seriously, they are – by far – the cheapest thing you can buy at the Kardashian’s boutique. With DASH Store prices often being out of reach for most K-loving fashionistas, this is also the most affordable way to showcase your love for the store and sisters in public. Even the bottled water they sell behind the counter goes for $8, so these DASH pencils are a steal at only $3 a piece. Even if you never use it, you’ll be the envy of your TV-buddies by busting this out during the next episode.

To buy these awesome new black and silver pencils, you must visit one of the physical stores – as they do not sell them online. They cannot always guarantee stock, so in-store purchases at any of their three locations is the only way to go.

update: Readers recently sent in pictures of these writing utensils that revealed that they are not all exactly alike – in fact there are three distinct models. Each are black, and each bear the same silver store initials, however a different signature for each of the three Kardashian sisters is at the end of each pencil. This is, if one thinks about it, a genius marketing move, as it encourages fans of the shop and shows to collect all three, turning these ~$3 “cheap” items into a $10 splurge that, let’s face it, you will never actually use to write anything down.

New Jewelry and Accessories

Bangles by Cool JoolzThe sisters have been showcasing designs by Cool Joolz for a few months now, and it’s only fitting that they brought in a new line for the winter season. If you get to trade out your summer wardrobe, surely you can change out your personal pieces of “flare.” Fun tip: hide half your jewelry from yourself. After several months, rotate things out. It will feel like you have just went on a shopping spree without having spent a dime! These rockstar-worthy wrist wraps have beads that look almost like tiny little disco balls, and they’re joined together by sturdy thread – which is thick, almost like twine. Very eye-catching from far across the room, and definitely a conversation starter if you’re nearby.

Again, these great new items are only available inside on of the trio of boutiques. You cannot buy these through a website, as they are handmade and produced in often limited quantities.

DASH Store Sweat Pants

DASH store sweatpantsYes! These are the coolest thing I’ve seen to come out of D-A-S-H since the Silly Bandz they put out over a year ago (which are still notoriously hard to find, in case you were wondering). These pants are great because they are entirely practical – not only fitting the bill in the “extreme comfort” department, but also by being a functional, everyday kind of garment that still touts your favorite store and the entrepreneurial family behind it.

The only issue that worries me is the quality of print on the back of the pants. I have nothing negative to say about it and no bad stories, but since they’re so new to the market it’s just hard to say how people have seen them hold up. If you happened to buy a pair of these from one of the shops, let us know what you think about them in the comments below. Sadly, like the other great products listed above, you cannot buy these online – only in the physical stores

The name of the model in the picture to the right is unknown, but I think it could almost pass as Kourtney. Regardless, the pants pass the comfort test with flying colors and, because they’re so exclusive, you might even have an excuse to wear sweatpants out of the house.

New Apparel this Month

As always, there is an ever-revolving lineup of big name clothing makers at DASH. One of the most recent showcases include One Teaspoon, one of the hotter and faster-growing labels in the fashion world. Lead by the ambitious and ever-resourceful Jamie Blakey, this clothier is known for funky-fresh styles that range from anything from a red carpet to a sandy beach. Whether you’re walking into a posh nightclub with your girls, strolling through the mall with the family, or even just hanging around the house with friends – OT brings “chic-chick” fashion to the masses.

One Teaspoon was started by gifted 18 year-old Jaime in a bedroom in Sydney, Australia. Edgy and pushing the limits, OT and it’s executive staff of only-beautiful women follows the basic life rule that you should only do something if it’s fun, and if something’s not fun, you shouldn’t do it. The line has seem a meteoric rise in the clout of their brand, and we can expect to hear more about One Teaspoon in the years to come.

Red shorts and black top by OTSome examples of the brand’s success around the world can be seen in a variety of outlets and retailers. Barney’s, Restir, Hot Renfrew, Asos and Lane Crawford are all institutions that stock their apparel to at least some degree, and let’s not forget the fact that Kim thinks they’re good enough to feature in all three DASH clothes boutiques. All-in-all the line has recruited retail locations in thirty-two countries in a mere year and a half of operation. Considering many brands of attire and their founders don’t often come from the down-under land of Australia, some might even be able to say that this is one of the hottest and fastest-growing names hailing from AU.

Yet another addition for Fall
One of the newest monikers to come to the DASH Clothing lineup is a brand called Elizabeth and James. E&J is a little harder to “place” than most other brands on the page due to the fact that they don’t just make one or two things, but instead they cover a whole spectrum of what you would find in your closet. Whether you’re looking for shirts, shoes, eyeglasses, sunglasses, long or short sleeves, skirts or shorts, or even a tuxedo top for women, this is the only stop you need to include on your itinerary.

Of all the names hanging on the racks, this is a favorite among many shoppers, thanks to the sheer variety and volume of pieces produced by E&J. Now while many people admire, adore or yearn for such possessions, they come at quite a cost. When looking around online, prices for shirts and blouses range from $150 to $300, pants and trousers can easily scrape close to $400, and a basic set of eyeglass frames will be no less than two-hundred. Some of their more popular shoe styles have prices that start with a “3” or a “4”, followed by two more digits.

Gold Cuff by Elizabeth JamesOne particular vendor even had a skirt from the maker for an astounding $900. Granted you can come out cheaply if you’re not looking for anything big or fancy. The most basic of jewelry pieces sells on websites for just under $100, although you can easily double that for many of their pieces.

DASH Store Website

The below sites feature great pictures and information from all three boutiques. I cannot vouch for them personally, but I have found them useful for finding out about updates to the clothing lines and selections, especially if they’re store specific.

Sadly for the Kardashians, Dash.com is the web address home of an international laundry detergent. They won’t be¬†forfeiting¬†that prime domain anytime soon. The¬†entrepreneurial¬†sisters opted for ShopDashOnline.com as their alternative, but it has been defunct for more years than it worked. Rumors float around now and again of a¬†relaunch¬†of the site, but to date, no press releases or tweets have confirmed an official website. The girls have not published their product catalog online for viewing or purchase purposes as of yet.

note: it is important to remember that none of the below sites -as well as the one you are on and reading right now- are officially associated with the Kardashians or their DASH store locations in any way. All of these sites merely serve as fan-driven forums to discuss these clothes, to learn as much as they can about what they look like and how much they cost, and hopefully share stories and pictures along the way.

Another site dedicated to tracking how and where to buy DASH online. If there’s an item up for grabs, they’ll know about it. Not always a very fruitful experience, unfortunately, so don’t get your hopes up.

Provides more detail about the big-apple based branch. Maps, directions and even pro-tips for subway routes are included. Not updated very often, but a good place to see a few more pictures and such.

Fairly underdeveloped but has seen a fair number of additions over the past few weeks. Pictures and information about ordering D-A-S-H online are included but, again, keep in mind that not of these sites actually sell or ship merchandise.

More DASH Store Information

Click the links below for complete DASH Store information in that topic. Hope you find the answers to all your DASH store needs!

Shop DASH Online
Buy DASH Clothing Online
DASH Clothing Pictures
DASH Clothing Boutique
Buy DASH Online
DASH Store Website

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