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The DASH Clothing website is where you might find and buy DASH clothes by Kim Kardashian and her sisters. DASH clothing is trendy and glamorous, and can be found in DASH boutiques at DASH NYC, Miami, or Calabasas, California, just outside illustrious Los Angeles. The CA store was the sisters’ first DASH boutique, and was followed several years later by the Miami spot, and shortly thereafter the Manhattan location in NYC, which has the most prestigious location of them all; it perches among fashion giants in the big apple.

What is the DASH Clothing Website?

The official website for the Kardashian fashion store is www.shopdashonline.com. The domain name shopdashonline.com has been around for quite some time, however it most often leads visitors to an empty or broken page. The DASH website here is designed to give you all the information you need about this high-fashion but not-too pricey boutique. I love the Kardashian sisters and their amazing stores so I want to share everything I find out with you!

Where can I buy DASH clothes online?

At this time you cannot buy DASH clothing online, but all hope of¬†comfy¬†couch shopping is not lost. The KK sisters teamed up with mega-retailer QVC to design, promote, and launch an exclusive line of Kardashian-designed and inspired clothes at reasonable prices. The line was deemed K-DASH, and many of the items range from $40 to $80. So affordable! The slacks, jackets, embellished blouses, and dresses all feature a lot of sassy touches that would make any fashionista jealous, without spending too much money. The prices at DASH are relatively high – you can pay anywhere from twenty to sixty dollars for a shirt, and dresses can easily put you back over two-hundred. Whether this givers you sticker shock or not is all a matter of perspective, according to the price tags you are accustomed to casually scanning. If you are lucky enough to have a clothing budget big enough to indulge your Kardashian obsession, you are purchasing both a trendy apparel item as well as the bragging rights that you’re wearing something that was, in a way, touched by Kim Kardashian herself.

What do DASH stores sell?

One of the best aspects of the boutique is the constant rotation of designers and clothing. Many of the contracts with the store are only seasonal. This means, of course, if you see something you adore, snap it up! On the other hand, if nothing strikes your fancy, try again in a couple months. Would you expect anything other than a constantly changing line-up of cool ‘of-the-moment’ clothing from the KK sisters? During the summer, DASH stores (especially the Florida shop) love to feature bright and summery printed t-shirts, super-short denim shorts (too short to even have pockets sometimes), and flashy swimwear. When shopping at the DASH store, it doesn’t hurt to have a rockin’ body. However, if you are a more average American woman, you will be able to find things that flatter. Considering that much of the swimwear there is from Kim Kardashian’s own line of Beach Bunny apparel, it’s no wonder why many of the designs are cut to draw the appreciative gazes of fellow swimmers.

DASH Clothing and Pictures

Below are just a few of the images that you can find on our DASH Store pictures page. Come on by and see if you find anything you’d like to buy, and feel free to submit pics of your own if you have them.

Pretty things with beads and strings

Bracelets from DASH Stores

Bracelets from the DASH boutiques

The girls that know how to glitz up a TV screen like nobody else, also know how to pick designers, fashion and clothing like nobody else. These bracelets are an interesting mix of beads, rope, colors, crosses, bling and more. The bling comes in the form of what looks like extremely bright and shiny beads the shape of marbles (maybe they are marbles, actually) surrounded by rope holding them together. As you can see, not all of these have a cross – just the one on the bottom. Remember, the clothes and accessories you see at DASH are not guaranteed to be there next week, or even as soon as tomorrow. The DASH dolls (sales attendants at the boutiques) like to keep the brands and featured items coming in at a steady pace.

What DASH puts down on the table

DASH Clothing Sale

In this photo, you will see an array of the casual summer¬†DASH clothing¬†you could buy in store. Observe the very short shorts that I mentioned earlier, along with vintage¬†inspired¬†tissue thin t-shirts, ready for lounging by the ocean, lake, or even a New York rooftop. There’s no doubt that DASH Miami sells a lot more summer apparel than NYC, but you never know, New York does get just about as hot and humid as Florida sometimes. While Los Angeles is known for its near-perfect weather, Calabasas, where the first store broke ground, is known to be a tad bit warmer than the City of Angels. In that sense, I think it’s fair to say that this picture could have originated at any DASH clothing boutique.

Kim Kardashian Jewelry Line

kim kardashian dash clothing store jewelry earrings

Beautiful gold and pave earrings from Kim's signature jewelry line. ($28)

The celebrity diva, now in the news more than ever due to her quick divorce from Kris Humphries, features her exclusive line of jewelry at all DASH clothing stores. The line is named Belle Noel and represents a collaboration between Kim and jewelry designer, Pascal Mouawad.¬†Kim often wears these pieces ¬†whenever strutting around Los Angeles or on the world’s red carpets. Whether you’re in the mood for something to hang gently around your neck, dangle glamorously from your ears, or bling brightly from your fingers, Kim’s line of Belle Noel jewelry will make you, your clothes, and your style absolutely pop when going out on the town. The general aesthetic of the line is simple and geometric with a strong preference for gold colored metals. There are many bold statement rings, large in size or attention grabbing for their unusual shape. Several of the pieces are Egyptian inspired, with motifs that suggest ancient artifacts. The Kardashian jewelry line even offers belly chains. Pair it with a bikini from the DASH store and go party on South Beach!


Kim always said she had a strong desire to start a jewelry line, and she enjoyed every aspect of designing and collaborating on her line of jewelry. She always makes it a priority to make the pieces and clothes she creates affordable enough for everyone to obtain; so while you’ll see elegant features such as princess cut settings or dazzling borders, you won’t have to pay the premium that comes with precious stones and metals. Get the glamorous red carpet look for less! Check out KK’s line of jewelry at all DASH clothing and clothes boutiques.

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  1. I freakin luv the Kardashians!!!! But they over price their clothes -WWWWWOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!! They have cute clothes though. Havn’t you noticed in their dash store in LA on TV,they have absolutely NNNNOOOBBBOOODDDYYY there.

  2. omg i love kim,kourtney and,klohe,you 3 are awesome and youre store is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I love love LOVE Dash,!! But it is way over priced xx
    sorry girls xx

  4. yay! u guys got the store open!!!! i loooove you Klohe your my idol! your so inspiring!

  5. I agree, the prices are waaayyyy too high! They are way cute, but pls lower your prices so that they are affordable!

  6. I was in your store Sunday and saw a snake print dress to the right in the back. It was $330!

  7. i love dash its lyk the best

    thanx guys 4 bringin it up

  8. ladies luv luv luv u. just one beef dolls has nothing 2 do with dash, went 2 sears 2 see collection wow 2pairs of shoes,about 6 outfits in corner.what a bummer know i live in boonies(paducah kentucky)oh 3 pairs of boots.klohe get on it ur the balls in family.

  9. Your cloths are amazingggg!!!! I have 5 of your tops, 2 pairs of your shorts, 1 pairs of your jeans and 3 jumpers, oh and I also have 2 braclets!!! I love the kardashians you are all so amazinggg!!
    I love you so so so very much!!! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  10. i wish i can shop at dash but i cant find a place to shop online :( and im in nebraska shoedazzle is good but i want to see clothes 2

  11. I love you and im going to come to your store near Hollywood


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