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A Friendly Editorial Reminder & Disclaimer

The Dash Store is a line of clothing boutiques owned by the Kardashian sisters, Khloe, Kourtney and Kim Kardashian. There are three locations all by the same DASH name, one in Calabasas, California, another in Miami, Florida, and the newest location in Manhattan, New York.

The Calabasas location is nestled against the sprawling city of Los Angeles, where designers both flock and flourish to show off their best clothing. To shop DASH LA is to buy a piece o Los Angeles itself – color-soaked clothes and meaningfully-mismatched jewelry both modeled and approved by Kim Kardashian herself.

The Dash Store in Los Angeles/LA Address

Store Address: 4774 Park Granada – Calabasas, CA – 91302
Store Hours: Monday – Friday 11am-6pm, Saturday 11am – 5pm
Store Phone Number: (818) 222-4122

Calabasas Dash Store Products and Merchandise

DASH store sweatpants

DASH Store Sweatpants

The LA DASH boutique sells a wide variety of clothing and accessories. The store’s staple products revolve around t-shirts, dresses, jeans, water bottles, jewelry, sun glasses, bags and more. The products are shipped from vendors around the world, and the shop boasts many exclusive items available only at DASH.

Product Availability and Online Ordering

Seasonal products come and go and no items are ever guaranteed in stock. The DASH store also does not have a functional website and does not currently offer any type of online browsing or ordering or its products and apparel. The Kardashians list http://www.shopdashonline.com as the official DASH Store website, however the URL leads to an error screen more than to an informative website. If you’re online and you would like to shop DASH store products from LA, NYC or Miami, your best bet is to visit the closest store during it’s normal operating hours.

LA-Inspired Pages

kardashian dollhouse bookEvery now and then it seems like one of the Kardashians puts out a book of some sort. The year 2011 was no exception, as it saw the release of both Dollhouse, a “ficticious” account of three celebrity sisters with K-first names, as well as Kris Jenner … and all things Kardashian. Press and critics alike have, for lack of a better term, slammed the quality and context of both tomes.

Even at several hundred pages when combined, most claim the book is surprisingly shallow, even self-adoring and glorifying. This should come as no shock to those experienced with the press-expertise that is the Kardashian family. However the Los Angeles D-A-S-H boutique is proudly stocking and selling both titles, however one should be warned they sell most items at direct list price, as opposed to online retailers and websites such as Amazon, where they often sell the same item for 25% to 50% off the suggested retail. If you’re not close enough to shop DASH LA yourself, these are some of the few items you can actually buy online from the Kardashian stores.

Vote 4 Rob on DWTS

DASH tshirt Vote 4 RobLos Angeles is home not only to the first D-A-S-H boutique, but it’s also home to the reality-tv-show producing capital of the world. Combine the glitz of Hollywood with the flair of television, and it’s only a matter of time until you have a show like Dancing with the Stars, which featured the “where did he come from?” brother of the famous Kardashian sisters, Rob.

A surprise heartthrob with the California and TV crowds, Rob soon had fans wearing these T-Shirts, which were available exclusively from DASH store locations such as the one in Calaasas. If you see somebody wearing this top, you know they are not only a diehard Rob fan, but also a diehard K-DASH fan, too.

Calabasas DASH Store Reviews

Unfortunately none of the DASH store locations have received shining reviews from their customers. Yelp puts each of the DASH locations at or well-below three out of five stars. The Los Angeles boutique location is the best reviewed DASH store according to the popular rating and directory site. However common complaints of inattentive or outright rude staff make up most of the negative press.

Calabasas Yelp Rating: 3/5 Stars
Price of Products: $$$
Sample Review Takeaways: exorbidant prices, lazy employees, good selection, bad selection, Kardashians never visit this location, always empty, cute shirts, horrible service, trendy clothing

Calabasas in LA Dash Store Review Summary

This is by far the best rated DASH boutique location, according to Yelp. However, this is not claim to fame. You should still expect high prices, poor service, an empty store, and the inability to either review or purchase products online.

It’s because of this that many would-be customers are turning to places where you actually can buy DASH clothing online. Retailers like Sears have started offering a Kim/Khloe/Kourtney inspirred and driven line of apparel – including dresses, shirts, skirts, blouses and more. If you want more choices, check out the QVC-only lineup of K-DASH items. No matter if you live in LA, New York, Miami, Houston, Dallas or Chicago, you can buy Kim Kardashian clothing online and have it shipped to your house without ever having to get in a car or hop on a plane.

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39 Responses to “DASH Store Calabasas”

  1. The kardashian sisters claim to be “good business women” which is an evident lie. I went to school for business management, and it amazes me that their stores remain open. If they weren’t ‘famous for being famous’ surely they would be bankrupt and drowning in debt.

    • ok first off the kardashions arent famous for being famous they obviously work for their money ;)!!! and if you dont like their store so much why be on their store page writing a bad comment :)

  2. Jenn – I think they have all learned from their father and mother – hands on – from a very early age before we ever knew who they were! They are famous for their beauty and success – so if you can… don’t hate just appreciate and you might learn something :)


  4. I loved the store and the clothes!! Sales associates were nice and helpful. I’ll go back for sure!!! thanks Kardashians

  5. You girls should be very proud of your success. I love your show and I can’t wait to go shopping at your store in Miami. Pay no attention to jealous people!!! :)

  6. i think it was the best Store that i have ever been to and i have been to lots of stores almost every store in New York so that means keep up all of the good work kardashians and i promise that I will be back with lots more money

  7. love them n ppl stop the hate. Kardashian sister r here to stay

  8. oh my god, love the dash clothing so cute. and the dash dolls are so sweet<3

  9. I absolutely LOVE the Kardashian sisters!! They are beautiful, talented and have an excellent nack for fashion…plus, i never miss an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians…LOVE YOU GUYS <3

  10. the store is AMAZING!!!! I love the kardashian sisters!!! <3

  11. I love the store & the clothes,everyone who worked there was so nice and Helpful…
    I will be going back there thanks Kim,Kourtney and Khloe! x

  12. @jenn – NO ONE CARES im with debby they are famous for their beauty and success !!! so back off ! hater

  13. i just love the Kardashian sisters there are soo pretty :) and from what i see they seem very nice i wish i new them in person. and would love to hang out with for a day. it would be soo much fun. :)

  14. to bad i cant afford any of it

  15. i went to DASH yesterday wasted 100.67 dollars but it was worth it because i got a carrgo jacket and some jeans best store ever so going back next week!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  16. ahhh dear, haters will be haters.
    Loving the clothing line and if I am ever lucky enough to go stateside again I will deffo be travelling to one of the stores!
    The Kardashians are amazing and I wish you all the success xxxx

  17. I think the Kardashians need me to be the Delta Operator on the show so me and Scott can set it off VEGAS STYLE BABY!!!!

  18. Dash is great and I love it. Thank you the Kardashian sisters. Keep it up you are all so beautiful and smart.

  19. Girls, Just another jealous person with nothing else to do but just be jealous of what they dont have. I think you are all wonderful, funny, beautiful and very successful and some people just cant handle that. Love everything about all of you. Including Rob!!!

  20. All of you kardashians rocks.you are all so talented and beautiful.ignore the jealous people.you sisters are the best.we are also three sisters too.

  21. You are the best sisters wow!!!!!!

  22. I admire the Kardashians the are taking what their Momma gave them and running with it. They have looks,brains,and the Zing appeal that makes the fans want more. And everybody loves the Sisters, but I love the Mom(Kris).
    Go,Kris….you inspire me.

  23. i love their store its amazing to see. i want to work there so i can feel the vibe . i dont know if offering any jobs but its wont hurt to work with them.

  24. Omg i went to the store yesterday i wish they where open on sunday but i am going tomorrow yay me lol

  25. YES, the K sisters are beautiful, successful women (regardless of what anyones personal opinion is… positive or negative), including mine! Let’s not forget, though, FACTS ARE FACTS. DASHS selection and availability is horrible and rarely are they seen wearing their “to die for” or “fab” collection carried in DASH stores. The only thing they think is “fab” is THEMSELVES!! Who in their right mind would actually care or find exciting when (for example) Khloe twitters “its sister time this morning”. WHO F’ENN CARES, really?!?! Girls, get a life, get something exciting and/or interesting in your own lives and FIND ANOTHER CLOTHING STORE TO SHOP AT!!!!!

  26. my biggest dream is to come to ur store i live in england and one day i will come and shop watch ur shows all the time love u all xxxx

  27. Boycott Kim Kardashian and all that she stands for by going after those who hire her and give her incentive to continue to pollute our culture. Kim Kardashian has already shown us she will say, do, and sink lower daily as long as her unjustified fifteen minutes of fame continue and so long as brands still continue to hire her to sell their products. Please join us in pledging to boycott the brands and stores listed on this site. Refuse to buy any of their products, or shop at their stores. Ask your friends and family to do the same. Together we can change the cost benefit analysis in hiring Kim Kardashian, causing financial penalties and blowback for those who hire her. As our message is heard brands will come to realize that Americans expect more and will not settle for this type of exploitation. We will measure our success as these brands have little choice to Fire Kim Kardashian and think twice about hiring someone like her ever again.

  28. I love the sisters for my own reasons. Kim just so happens to be my idol. I like her not because im told to but because I genuenly LOVE the way she carries herself and dresses. I don’t need anything or anyone to tell me that. Like whats been previously stated…they’re drop dead gorgeous(the whole family), intelligent, professional, and just so happen to have an uncanny sense of fashion. They should be proud….I know their father is. You go girls…and I LOVE the store. Next you should open on in DALLAS, TX…..PLEASE!!!!!

  29. Okay, here’s the truth. The girls are gorgeous and they work hard for their success. I admire how much they love each other and stick together. But as role models, they are not good at all for women especially young girls.(bad tapes, bad magazines, child out of wedlock… the list goes on and on) Now the mother has a book where she admited to have an affair which caused her divorce to Robery Kardashian. Sorry you guys are great in some ways, but just too morally corrupted. I dont hate them, nor am I jealous. They deserve their success. I just dont think they are good role models, thats all :-)

  30. You all should listen to yourselves. M*rons.

  31. I just read a blog about your store. Don’t live anywhere near but hope you thumb your noise at the extreme enviro community who is now up in arms to learn you sell real fur! I am a proud owner of a beaver mink jacket my mom gave me for my 16th birthday in 1966 plus a mink stole and a mink jacket that my late mother gave me before her death. I also was recently given a sport jacket from Alaska that has mink lining and mink line hood. I love it and live in the Northwest where I will proudly wear them any chance I get. I know the items of my Mom were not wild but farm raised.
    I hope that you stand firm and continue to sell real fur. Why not honor not only the animal but the heritage of our early settlers and Alaska natives who wore fur for comfort and to keep them warm. God gave us these animals for a purpose when He gave us dominion over them.

  32. Aleishakuwtkn1fan Reply April 15, 2012 at 11:28 am

    omg i love the jeans with dash on the rear – these clothes are gorgeous!

  33. Hello my kardashian family! I admire you all.. The whole family, including Bruce!! He makes me laugh and reminds me of my dad. Anyway, I just graduated with my degree in petroleum engineering! Yay… Go me! With that being said… I am so looking forward to catching a flight just to shop at your store!! Ecstatic!! It would be fabulous if you ladies opened up a store at the Galleria in Houston Texas!!! Best wishes Kardashian dolls<3

  34. The store is very nice but the employees were very rude! For such a famous hot spot, you should get some friendly workers to represent!


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