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Three years after the Kardashian sisters (Kim, Khloe and Kourtney) opened the doors to the DASH store in Calabasas, they decided it was time to branch out across the US with another store. They settled on Miami, Florida – likely thinking it would be an ideal place to tout their Kardashian-inspired line of beach-friendly apparel, as well as their exclusive Beach Bunny swimwear line.

DASH Store – Miami – Directory and Location Informaiton
Miami DASH Address: 815 Washington Ave, Miami Beach (Florida), 33139
Miami DASH Hours: Monday-Friday: 11am-6pm — Saturday: 11am-5pm
Miami DASH Phone Number: 305-531-8484
Miami DASH Yelp Rating: 1.5 out of 5 Stars

DASH Store Miami Website

The Kardashians claim that the official online website for the DASH Boutique is http://shopdashonline.com, however the website is down more than it is up, and visitors have a hard time getting store or product information from this often broken URL.

Vandalized before Opening Day

One day before the Miami store’s May 20, 2009 grand opening event, vandals defaced the DASH storefront windows with graffiti. Nobody was harmed and nothing was taken from the building, but the letters “GUK” were painted across the store. The graffiti was soon found to be gang-related, as opposed to being targeted to the store or Kardashian sisters, specifically. The vandals also defaced other buildings in the area.

…and Vandalized Again
Oddly enough, the day after the Miami DASH store was defaced, the Calabasas location was, as well. Employees found the building the next day defaced with the same tagline of “GUK”. However, as an added touch of humor and romance, one artist also painted the words, “I love you Kim big boobs” across the storefront.

Other DASH Store Locations

The Kardashian sisters own and operate a total of three DASH Boutiques. To find more information about the other branches located in California and New York, including their location, hours and reviews, click the respective links below.
The DASH Store – Calabasas, CA
The DASH Store – Manhattan, NY

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23 Responses to “DASH Store Miami”

  1. Hi my name is Valerie … and I love Kloe Kardashian <3 Mabeee i could get to miami from ontario somehow if i was old enough to drive but just wanted to say that i think Dash is goin verrry well <3 :)

  2. Hey, I love your store! So cute. You should hire me 😉 I’m a great worker!

  3. I was in Miami the first week of May. I went by your store and the windows and door were so dirty and covered with fingerprints I didn’t even go in. Your neighbor stores made yours look even worse, because theyre stores looked clean. Very disappointed.

  4. Love the store & girlies (: hopefully one day i’ll meet kloe . <3

  5. Store was ok but smelled of way too much perfume. Didnt buy anything either cuz the average hard working person cant buy $190 pair of shorts. Never again!

  6. do u guys carry clothes for us big girls


  8. im so looking forward to taking my 13 year old there to shop for her bday on 8/27

  9. I think all the people leaving bashing messages are just straight hating cause the girls are doing there thing livng the life. QUIET HATING HATERS find something to do with your free time!!

  10. I love Dash clothing you guys rock i love your jewlrey and your clothes ohh i just love all of it i am also ur biggest show fan hahaha Kim i hope you and Kris are doing ok and i wish u a happy marriage haha i love you guys so much thank you for being awsome and all of you guys are so pretty and nice on the show and i bet off of the show!!!!! I love you guys thank you…Maggie

  11. Just because someone is commenting a negative outlook doesn’t mean they are “haters”… it means they had a negative experience. Any real professional would appreciate the challenge of improvement.

  12. i think everything about the k girlz r soooooo amazing one day i willl go in dat store and buy a pair of sunglasses and meet khloe!!!!!!

  13. i love you khloe you work so hard and you totally deserve an acting carrier and a bentley lol , love the kardashians

  14. khloeeeee OMGGGG i love u your so beautiful and tall i wish i was you ignore haters i luv u just the way u r

  15. i love the kardashians sisters , im looking for a dress for a christmas party girlies , help help help!!!

  16. Dash miami was k i wish ur prices go down though:/ love u kourtney nd love u baby mason!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. I love khloe and kourtney I just wish some of the clothes were for plus size girls I wish I could meet you guys :(

  18. Khloe i lovee you!! you make me laugh so much!! and kourtney and kim lovee you too, kardashiaans are amazing such as jenners too
    greaaat job at dash ! im going in a few weeks

  19. Hi girls!
    I just want to say that I love you guys and that you are amazing… But your DASH MIAMI is not! The staff were rude when I went there on Feb 13th and the store looks abandoned. You really should look this store a little bit closer because it doesn’t make justice to who you guys really portrait (as successful woman). THIS STORE SHOULD BE GLAMOROUS LIKE YOU GIRLS AND NOT A PLACE WHERE PEOPLE GET TREATED BADLY.
    I sugest to hire new staff imediately! And also do a “Kourtney and Khloe take Miami” again so you restore the store back again.


  20. My name is karen I,m from a small island in the caribean and this is my first time visiting u all store online , so far like everthing I,m seeing. Hei sisters don,t worry with the haters they r just jelious of u keepon moving forward 2 succes.


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