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Kim Kardashian‘s¬†DASH store in NYC, opened in partnership with sisters Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian,¬†was debuted as the third store in the budding fashion empire. It opened its doors in 2010 in the neighborhood of SoHo, a prime piece of shopping real estate on the high-dollar streets of Manhattan, New York. Just to give you an idea of how posh the new location is: their nearby neighbor is Chanel. The store features the common DASH assortment of clothing, jewelry, accessories, swim wear, and yes even their signature water bottles and scented candles.

SoHo DASH Storefront

Hooray for May! Coming up around the corner is the latest season of KUWTK – the main show and marketing platform dedicated to the famous Kardashian family and their empire of clothing boutiques. There are few things more exciting to longtime fans of the show than a new season – as it marks the coming of more than 20 opportunities to see one of their three DASH boutiques online. Very few people, in relation to the size of their fan base at least, have ever set foot inside one of these famed fashion-houses. Here’s to hoping we get a good sneak-peek into the lives and products of the chain in this new installment of our favorite show!

Manhattan-SoHo DASH Store Directory Information
Manhattan DASH Address: 119 Spring St – Manhattan, NY 10012 (in SoHo between Greene and Mercer streets)
Manhattan DASH Hours: Friday 11am-6pm, Saturday 11am-5pm
Manhattan DASH Phone Number: (212) 226-2646
Manhattan DASH Yelp Rating: Two out of Five Stars

DASH Store Manhattan Website

While the Kardashians list http://www.shopdashonline.com as the official DASH Store website, the site is defunct and reroutes to a page of advertisements. Unfortunately, the SoHo DASH store does not offer any way for customers to view or purchase location-specific products online. If you want to see, try on, or buy DASH store products, the best thing to do would be to visit a store directly. You can find further store information for their Florida and California locations – including address, phone numbers and product selections, by clicking the links below.

DASH Store Calabasas, CA
DASH Store Miami, FL

Kardashian Sightings at the Manhattan DASH Store

DASH NYC Dressing RoomsThe trio of Kardashian sisters have had more public “sightings” at the Manhattan DASH boutique than at their other locations based in Calabasas or Miami. This is likely due to the heavy amount of filming the Kardashian sisters do in Manhattan on behalf of their cable reality TV shows, Keeping up with the Kardashians and Kourtney and Kim Take New York. Some appearances by the fabulous sisters are less than welcomed by locals. While fans feel¬†immensely¬†lucky to visit the store during a visit by the sisters or a film shoot,¬†commuters¬†and workers in the area must deal with the impositions caused by increased pedestrian and vehicular traffic. When DASH NYC opened, some fans became unruly, causing three citations for disorderly conduct to be issued by the NYPD. The DASH store has been featured on the show in many stages – from prepping a new line, to the vandalism that defaced the wall of their Miami location the day before its grand opening. On that note, the Miami branch does get its fair share of on-screen attention thanks to Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian and their cable reality show, Kourtney and Khloe take Miami.¬†

Manhattan DASH Store Interior and Vibe

The DASH Store brand has experienced problems with its reputation for poor customer service.NYC DASH display Unfortunately, the SoHo location is no different. Shoppers report being ignored by salesgirls (known as Dash Dolls) more interested in talking to each other than helping a customer find their size. Others report that the store feels less like a shopping destination and more like a phony set meant to give the reality TV stars something to fill up air time. Many fans who visit the DASH boutique are put off by the burly security guards in suits and the exorbitant prices on items as simple as the souvenir DASH t-shirt (pictured below).


Latest Addition to the DASH Store Manhattan

New DASH T-Shirt

New DASH T-Shirt: Gold on White - $60

The DASH store sent out a recent tweet announcing the newest addition to their DASH store t-shirt collection, above. The shirt features a gold-font DASH logo on the front of an off-white, all-cotton t-shirt. They are $60 per shirt and come in small, medium and large.

DASH Store Jewelry and Accessories

Boho Woven Bracelets

Boho Woven Bracelets from Dola Designs

These Boho Woven Bracelets are a good example of the funky, eclectic feel the Kardashians have when picking out some of their latest designer collections and pieces. The bracelets come in a wide array of styles thanks to their differing uses of beads, metal and thread.

Kardashian Silly Bandz “Glam Pack”

Signature DASH Silly Bandz

Signature DASH Silly Bandz

Who can resist these Kardashian-signature Silly Bandz? Complete with bling, over-sized sunglasses, sexy pinup figures the words Glam and DASH>, these Kardashian-trifecta-approved Bandz are on sale at all three DASH stores and are a great way to mark your wine glasses at your next Keeping up with the Kardashians viewing party.

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48 Responses to “DASH Store New York NYC”

  1. OMG ! I’m french and i live in Corsica and it make me mad not being able to buy at DASH !!!!!

  2. Me and my daughter love your shows we have seen all of them… the best show ever!!!!

  3. I love your show Kim and am in love with your store – wow love it!!!!!!!

  4. I love all of you guys. And I can’t wait to go there next week am soooo excited and buy something there yayyy!!! I love you alllll:)

  5. love this store!!! everything is gorgeous!!

  6. lynn barbella majors Reply May 19, 2011 at 4:55 pm

    So excited coming to nyc from philly cant wait to see all the great clothing that Dash has ūüėČ

  7. Hi girls I love your show you girls are stunners- keep it up you girls rock xxxxxxx

  8. Dash is amazing!!! Come an visit one of our stores soon!!!! We love our fans!!! Dash Soho is such a success thanks to all of you. Love K

    • Hi Kim
      I sent you a message to your Ebay store about the Dash store In Calif,hope you can read it soon..and see what I m saying…hope to visit the N.Y store soon!
      wish you well with your upcoming wedding..

      • I really wanted a t-shirt that said dash on it but it was 60$ Why so expensive.. people just buy stuff from the stork cause of the name which is sad cause their just famous for being famous.

    • Hi K! First I have to tell you that like everyone else I love you all too! I NEVER watch tv, then came a day when I found The Kardashians….omg!! I am hooked. I have to admit though; Kloe is my favorite!!! I am a Grand Master Nail tech and I would like to design a couple set of nails that compliment some of your outfits that you have in your store.When I find an outfit that “stands out” I’ll design the nails with it and send you a picture if you would like.

  9. Too bad it is not entirely affordable so other young girls who admire you all cannot afford them.

  10. Hey Kim I have the long eye lashes love Jennah Bradstock ps. We are coming to your store From Australia in September with my sister and brother Love, Jennah

  11. Hey Kim,Khloe and Kourtney,

    I absolutely love your tv show keeping up with the kardashians. I also love Khloe and Lamar. You guys are awesome. My sister is Jennah the girl who commented before and Me and My family are coming to America in September. I am coming into your store at New York. I really hope to see you there.

    Love always Jesekah

  12. My sister and I visited the NYC store on July 2nd and were a tad disappointed. I saw no jewelery and it was very difficult to find my size extra small :-( and it wasn’t as big as I thought it be. However, I must say one of the sales associates was very sweet and pleasant. We did enjoy being in the amidst of a site of one of our favorite shows. Definitely hope to meet Kourtney, Kim and Khloe one day. We love you girls!

  13. took my 18yr old niece and daughter to the SoHo store and were soo disappointed. Small,drab, sickenly expensive and very unpleasant staff. I bought 3 DASH t/shirts for $180 and they wouldn’t even give me a 2nd little bag that I was going to use as a gift bag for one of the t/shirts. Needless to say we won’t be back!!

  14. on my NYC i saw dash! i can’t wait to go in and see all of the amazing clothing and accessories!


    sarah!!! he he

    P.s. i base all my school work around you and your family. like one day we had to make a schedule for a perfect day and i wrote mine on spending the entire day with u/kardashian/Jenner family!!!

    love with all my heart,
    sarah… yippi!!!

  16. Hello Ladies!

    My son (11 yrs old) and I watch your shows and we love them!

    We live in St. Catharines Ontario Canada and we will be in Manhattan in August (18-23) and cannot wait to visit DASH! I love your t-shirt! It would be such an honour to meet you if your in NYC at that time. Take care!

  17. Hi girls I admire u all so much. I watch your show everyday even the old episodes..lol :) I hope to see your new NYC Dash store soon since I live in NJ so I’m going to take advantage of the fact that I have one close to me… :)

  18. yeah they already rich so im sure they could afford a store for girls that are less fortunate

  19. worse store in the world! so over priced and only allowed 15 people in at a time!

  20. I love the Kardashians especially mom (Kris). She seems to take all the heat, and yet rises up from it like the mythical phoenix.



  23. i watch your program and i loved it,specially i admired kourt!!kisses from ECUADOR!i will be soon on NY and first of all i will go to your dash store!…

  24. I was just at your store, DASH!!!!
    It rocked, I took a bunch of photos and waited on line and everything. I wish you guys were there :(
    But it was still awsome. I saw some really nice things that I would buy but decided to buy a pencil.

  25. Hi girls!! I watch your program with my daughter. We loved! Kim your wedding is so fantastic, congratulations especialty a your mon kris. I loved it and khloe and kortney. Kisses!!

  26. I need the ny store’s address and phone number please. I want to go to the NY store and shop and hopefully maybe c what kind of dress’s they have and might find my wedding dress there since I dont want a normal type wedding dress.

  27. Why is your store sooooo expensive for regular people? I bropught both of my teenage daughters there last week and we waited in line for 30 minutes so we could walk past clothes we could never afford! Both girls wanted Dash tees but that would’ve been $120! Your persona on TV is that your hard working people that got lucky……..I guess!

  28. I was in n.y. on sat purchased a $32 underwear and some small iteams because your prices are high and then asked for a small shopping bags and was told no because we didn’t spend more money what would be great advertising the to walk around with a DASH bag you people are out to screw the public and cheap neverf again and i will not watch the show again

  29. Im from Australia And I’m dying to go visit dash ! It will be amazing ! Love the kardashians

  30. OMG! To all the Kardashian girls, Kim, Khloe and Kourtney, i love your show, all of them, i wathch them all the time they are on and you guys are so pretty btw. I wish i met you guys and I one day want to be famous, I’m currently doing LAMDA exams whick involve singing and drama, and i also do my RADA exams which is for dance, so hopefully it gets me to where i want to be, and i can become friends with you all. Im a big fan TRUST ME. I wish you and your family the best and god bless y’all.

  31. Hey girliesss! I absolutely LOVEEEE you guys!!! You all are so beautiful! I wish I could meet you someday and visit 1 of your stores! I love watching kourtney and Kim take new York!! It’s the best show! You guys are family oriented just like I am! I love y’all! Please reply to meeee!!!!!

  32. I Wish I Could Go TO All The Dash SHop’s I Love tHe CLothe’s ! :) Xx


  34. I think you all are amazing and hope that my 7 children are as close as you all seem to be! It’s a good example to show how sisters can really be there for eachother through thick and thin! I saw Khloe and Milika in pigment dyed hoodies walking up a hill on K&L , would love to know where you got them?? I wish you all the best and HAPPY ST PATRICK’S DAY !!K

  35. Do they have another website or a way to apply for a job?

  36. i would like to know how i can contact the new york dash store i was there last week and bought some unbreakable bond and when i used it for the first time the pump attomiser came away in my hand iwas not very happy look forward to hearing from you

  37. I intend to visit New York in December n go to your Dash store. From what I’ve read in this site most of it are negative comments.I suggest that your store have a more affordable line of products so that your fans/ customers can purchase..

  38. I think you guys should open a some Dash stores in Canada, eh?

  39. Me and my daughter like to watch your shows. She would like to be like you girls famous one day,and she is only four years old. Hope one day we see you girls at the Dash store when I go with my daughter. Good luck girls and keep up the good work.


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