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The Kardashian sisters offer a wide variety of trendy, revealing clothes through their KDASH clothing line & physical shopping stores. The three DASH clothing locations feature rapidly shifting garments from famous designers living all over the world, and the same mentality comes across in their KDASH clothes. You can find everything from blousy sweaters and shirts to high fashion dresses and short shorts in the boutiques run by Kim, Khloe and Kourtney.

Kardashian KDASH Clothing Online

What some folks do not know is that many of the same style of DASH Store items can now be bought online through their new venture with QVC. The K-DASH clothes you see over the Internet have been handpicked by the sisters for their new online and television retail partner and distributor. This popular retail business has made a name for itself by selling traditional gifts and garments to a huge audience on television and on the World Wide Web. When Kim, Khloe and Kourtney decided to partner with the company, the sisters chose to select pieces that would appeal to the existing audience members of QVC.

This means that you will find few very short and revealing items that appeal to younger consumers. Many of the pieces that appear in the K-DASH line have been handpicked for slightly older, more conservative shoppers. That being said, all of the garments are designed to flatter female curves.

Another benefit to buying KDASH clothes over those found in the girls’ brick and mortar boutiques, is the fact that the prices of the online products are often significantly lower than those of their D-A-S-H stores in NY, Miami & California. While a dress in a building might cost you an easy $300, you might be able to pick up the same style & form of item from KDASH for a third of that, or maybe even less. The retailer sells on such a massive scale that you benefit from lower costs, fast shipping & likely better customer service than you would receive in a physical location.

More KDASH Website Info

KDASH Clothing by KardshianThis black fringed vest is the perfect example of a K-DASH clothing item. The garment has a low hem with a deep v neckline. The neckline can help a woman show off her chest. In addition, when a lady bares her neck with a garment, she can help draw attention to her face. The low hem allows the vest to drape over the tummy region. The fringe lines at the shoulders and bottom add lovely feminine details to what would otherwise be a plain vest. When a woman wears the item, she will show off her hips and shoulders. If a lady has a slender figure, she might want to enhance those areas to give her body a stronger presence in a room.

It is important to note that the only retailer that sells garments handpicked by the Kardashians is QVC. While their clothing company, DASH, has its own website, you will not be able to buy garments from it. You should also bear in mind that the inventory on QVC moves as fast as the goods in their physical stores do. If you see a piece of K-DASH clothing that you want to add to your closet, you should buy it on the same day on which you spot it.

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