how to shop dash online


This page features some of the most frequently asked questions by DASH clothing online store shoppers and visitors. If you’re looking for an answer to a store or shopping-related question, we hope it can be answered here. If not, feel free to browse one of the many pages listed in the navigation bar above to […]

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dash boutique clothing online store prices

DASH Clothing Store Prices

How much do clothes cost at the DASH stores owned by the Kardashian gang? Well, although prices tend to range between $10 items and $500+ dresses, it tends to lean on the expensive side more than anything. Most first-time customers are turned off by the typically high prices for the DASH clothing in the boutiques. […]

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dash boutique clothing store


Looking to shop DASH stores and clothing online? The DASH store website, which features clothing and shopping from Kim Kardashian’s D-A-S-H boutiques, is People that want to ¬†shop for clothes from here can most easily find similar items through the online shopping network There is no current option to order authentic merchandise from […]

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2012 DASH boutique clothing

Dash Clothing Summer 2012

No one can deny that the Kardashians have been even busier than usual of late, but that doesn’t seem to be slowing them down. Not only are they pumping their three Dash stores full of the hottest Summer 2012 fashions, but also, they are moving their Calabasas location to West Hollywood! That’s going to be […]

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dash clothing nyc new york store

DASH Store Online Website

The official Kardashian DASH store website is, however that DASH website doesn’t always let you shop or buy DASH clothes online. Instead, it’s best to browse our DASH clothing page to see the coolest items on sale at the Kardashian boutiques in Los Angeles, Miami and New York. Instead of going to one of […]

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Kim Kardashian from DASH NYC

Fashion Week Party

Stop the presses everyone, news has it that Kim Kardashian is putting together a giant bash of an event at her DASH store in New York. How can you get into the party at DASH NYC? Nobody has released information about where to get tickets or a pass to get in. Since the celebration is […]

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DASH Clothing Miami Store from Keeping up with the Kardashians

Keeping up with the Kardashians DASH Store

The DASH Store can be seen from watching Keeping up with the Kardashians, a reality TV show on E! featuring the three Kardashian sisters, Kim, Kourtney and Khloe. Yes, all three girls have the same easy-to-remember initials, KK. But you already know that, because if you’re on this DASH website than you are already fans […]

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DASH New York

DASH Clothing Pictures

DASH clothing¬†by the Kardashians make every woman feel like the fashion diva she deserves to be. DASH clothes are inspired by Kim and her sisters’ keen eye for outfits and combinations that are cute, yet they still retain a mature enough feel and look to stand out far from the crowd. This DASH clothing website […]

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earrings at dash

DASH Clothing Website

The DASH Clothing website is where you might find and buy DASH clothes by Kim Kardashian and her sisters. DASH clothing is trendy and glamorous, and can be found in DASH boutiques at DASH NYC, Miami, or Calabasas, California, just outside illustrious Los Angeles. The CA store was the sisters’ first DASH boutique, and was […]

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DASH CZ Falconer cashmere poncho

Summer DASH Clothing and Trends

June’s DASH clothing collection has likely been exciting for the Kardashian sisters and their DASH store, thanks to great new designers and trends. You can see on our DASH Clothing page all the new designer names that are coming into the boutique, but rest assured they are hot and they are ready to be flaunted. […]

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