A Friendly Editorial Reminder & Disclaimer is the official website for the DASH clothing store and boutique owned by the three Kardashian sisters. The DASH website experiences a high amount of downtime, and interested visitors might have to return and refresh another day. If the official DASH website is down, feel free to browse this site for DASH Store locations, DASH Store hours, DASH Store pictures and more. Although not officially associated with the boutiques, this site provides the most comprehensive collection of information and media related to these trendy fashion headquarters.

DASH Store Designers

The DASH Boutique rotates their featured designers and collections frequently. Some of the designer names include Whitney Eve, La Rok, Naven, Dola Designs, Eugenia Kim, Dolce Vita, Chaser, and others. Both local and international designers are featured in the store.

Some of the more popular labels are those endorsed and created by Kim Kardashian herself. These include Beach Bunny swimwear, Belle Noelle jewelry, signature fragrances and more. Even her sister Khloe has her own perfume, which is shared in namesake with her famous husband Lamar.

The featured designers, outfits and apparel changes regularly within the three D-A-S-H stores. Make sure you don’t get too attached to something on a visit without taking time to buy it, as there is no guarantee the same size, color or even item will be available the next time you peek into the racks. Read more about DASH designers and collections on pages throughout the site, which are updated regularly with new fashions and items for sale.

Exclusive Shop DASH NYC Store Video

Here’s a video that would likely be featured on – as it shows an in-depth and up-close view of the famed NYC storefront and location. Also seen frequently on Kim and Kourtney Take New York as well as Keeping up with the Kardashians. The interviewer here shows examples of clothing, as well as decor and layout of the store schematics.

DASH Store Products

dash nyc windowFlickr user Fay Mous brings us this picture of the DASH Store window display in Manhattan, New York. The SoHo boutique features a steady flow of featured designers, although these mannequins don’t seem to be featuring any of them 😉

DASH carries everything you would expect from a Diva-inspired boutique: trendy clothing, unique jewelry and accessories, bags, fedoras, maxi dresses, oh yeah, and their own line of scented candles, too.

There are labels that are available exclusively at the D-A-S-H boutiques, including those created and designed by the Kardashian sisters themselves. Their line of perfume, including several varieties featuring the image and name of Kim, as well as Khloe and Lamar. Unbreakable is one of the signature scents available at any of the three DASH store locations.

The year 2011 introduced a great number of new items and categories into the racks and shelves of the stores, and even more additions have been made during 2o12. Solid black DASH pencils were one of the hottest items, thanks in part to their discount price of $3. Compared to the $10 bottles of water and $24 candles (you read that correctly) this is the absolute cheapest thing you can buy in the store. Sweat pants marked with the characters “D-A-S-H” became an instant hit, often selling out quickly in New York, Miami and Los Angeles alike.

Many shoppers are disappointed to discover that the three locations often stock different items. Not only are sizes and quantities different, but the New York hub might have entirely different brands than the Miami hotspot, at any given time. This is simply the nature of shopping at boutiques, and by trading off limited availability, you walk away knowing that only a handful of people in the world own the same thing you do. Exclusivity comes at a cost, but to some, it’s worth it.

The Kardashians take Calabasas

Khloe, Kourtney and Kim Kardashian took the scissors to the tape on their first DASH boutique in 2006, in the city of Calabasas, California. The store was featured several times on their cable reality show Keeping up with the Kardashians. The boutique boats an assortment of apparel such as dresses, jeans, tops and swimwear, along with other accessories and home decor.  The store’s list of designer contributors and collections features some recognizable names, and is subject to change.  DASH is known to have prices on the high side, with t-shirts beginning just under $30, dresses going above $450, and bottled water being -yikes!- $8. But that’s not to say that the whole store is off-limits to browsers and budget shoppers. There may be DASH store sales if you’re lucky.

Where can I see the Kardashians?

The Kardashian sisters, lately, make the most appearances in their Manhattan/SoHo DASH store. The filming of Keeping up with the Kardashians, now based in New York, gives the store plenty of on-air attention. In Miami you are likely to see two of the sisters in the Miami DASH store … but only when they’re in filming season for their show, Kourtney and Khloe take Miami. The Calabasas store, while the cornerstone of early DASH on-screen talent, rarely makes any television appearances anymore.

One reason the store will receive even less air time is because it will be moved rather soon. The sisters are scouting new locations for DASH West Hollywood, which would be an ideal scene and setup for the girls and their unique choice in clothing. The current strip-mall feel of the Calabasas location isn’t as conducive to high-spending, high-fashion shopping as the inner-streets of Los Angeles and the dazzling aura of Hollywood.

Vandals attack the DASH Store

A day before the Kardashians opened their second store in Miami, the storefront was defaced with graffiti. The message appeared to be gang -not Kardashian- related, and nothing was broken or removed from the property. The very next day, the same message was vandalized across the DASH store in Calabasas – clear across the country. This appeared to be a prank copycat act of vandalism, as a flattering message about Kim’s “boob” was also left across the store facade.

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  1. I am such a Kardashian fan I cannot wait for the new season to start in June! =)

    • Hi my name is princess I’m a big fan of the kardashian I
      Love them so much ! I just want to know what brand of bag does Kim carries in the picture were mason is inside its a yellow big tote pls. I really need to know because I’m a bag collector … Tnx !

      • You can almost buy a house for the cost of one of those bags Birkin bag from Hermes 90,000 dollars and up might get a small one for only 10 grand


  3. me too ! and im going to your store in august!

  4. Me to love yall and I see all of yalls shows! ~LOVE U JODIE~ Hope to go to the store!

  5. breanna martinez Reply May 11, 2011 at 9:29 pm

    The Kardashians are crazy and i love them except for the one thing I don’t like about their family … they’re always into their looks

  6. The Kardashians are the reason I stay glued to my TV every Sunday night – I love all your shows, dolls!

  7. I love the Kardashians, it’s probably the only programme I watch on E! :)

  8. i love the katdations and would die if the opened up a dash in lake charles louisiana

  9. Love the kardashians, but i really want to vist their store since i live so far away

  10. I would have to say I concur with the other ladies that posted statements. However, what was not said is that the real issue is that we want to feel the glam the three beautiful women exude on television when entering their store. I went to the DASH store with every intention on purchasing something wonderful to add to my collection of clothing, jewelry, and shoes, and only walked out with their beautiful smelling, yet expensive candle.

    The first issue that I saw was that the two ladies that were on the clock NEVER left the computer from surfing the Internet, nor did they greet me or ask me was there anything I was interested in specifically. When I skimmed through the quality, dated fashions, limited sizes, and nonexclusive articles I moved to the wall that explained it all! Weight loss products lined up as if to say this is the only way you can fit the clothing in the store.

    The ladies could truly benefit by hiring people that look good (quality of dress code increased), lose the weight loss wall, increase great customer service keep clothing neat, provide a higher quality of materials and designs that the Kardashins would actualy wear.

  11. Omg I never thought I would be on a dash website leaving a comment for my favorite family in the world and o I almost forgot I never missed one episode of your show!!! My dream is finally coming true today because I am visiting your NYC dash store! I am 13 years old and luv u!

  12. Im going to the DASH store tommorow!!!! But theres alot of really bad reviews…..are they true?

  13. Went to Dash and had the time of my life

  14. love it!♥

  15. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! i love u guys you all are so pretty thanks kim for that xray u got u finally shut all those HATERSSSSS

  16. Kourtney your gorgeous my sister and I are very close like you girls we love watching your show so does my boyfriend ha wonder why

  17. I gotta say one thing, I looove, and I do mean love the kardashians.
    I saw the episode where Kris proposes to Kim & even I was nervous
    I think Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney are just amazing. I admire their hard
    work & wish that I turn out like them one day. I love your clothes!

    -biggest fan, mailet.

  18. I Love this store!! I’m going to it in December :)

  19. I love the kardashian too, when they will come to Brazil? also would like to set up shop Dash a kiss in your heart, always very successful

  20. I love the kardashians im a big fan and I will love to shop at dash I also love the kardashian kollection and kourtney your baby mason is so cute and adorable I watch yall tv show all the time im like a HUGE FAN love ya forever!!!

  21. i love the show plus i would like to visit their store if they open in UK

  22. I love the Kardashian family! Please open a store in Brazil – it would be perfect!

  23. Melissa Van Hoven Reply May 4, 2012 at 12:19 pm

    HEy girls I’m not impressed with the presentation of your K Dash website, it’s rather boring wich doesn’t entice me to purchase at all, very drab looking!

  24. I love kardashian.

    Me enchant aria poner una tienda DASH in Dominican Republic.

    Ojala pudieran contest are a este mail.


  25. I am looking to purchase a pair of the cats eyes sunglasses and want to know if your store sells them

  26. Hi
    Love you guys and can’t wait to watch the new season this evening on E! and the collection you have looks amazing!! Do you plan to open a DASH store in London, UK?


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